Troubleshooting verifying domains in Office 365 when using Crazy Domains as your domain host

Crazy Domains offers a very basic feature set for domain name DNS record management, and this can cause problems when adding domains to Office 365.

During the verification phase, Office 365 asks you to add either an MX or TXT record to the domain’s DNS records.

Crazy Domains does not allow you to add TXT, SRV or a range of other records to your DNS unless you pay the $20 for a “Premium” DNS package.

Once you have paid for the Premium package and have added the required records, you may find that Office 365 still does not see the added DNS records.

We have discovered two possible reasons why this might be the case.

  1. Crazy Domains appears to use a separate set of name servers to manage their Premium DNS domains. Normally, Crazy Domains use and for their domains, but once you have turned on Premium DNS, the domains should switch to and In some cases, Crazy Domains does not automatically change these NS records over, and as a result Office 365 cannot detect your new DNS records. Edit your name server records accordingly and wait 5-10 minutes and verification should take place.
  2. Crazy Domains appears to have a very high TTL set for DNS record changes by default, and you cannot change this TTL. As a result, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for a DNS record change to propagate.

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