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5 reasons to use Google’s G-Suite | 5 reasons to use Google’s G-Suite – Just Make It Work – Blog

5 reasons to use Google’s G-Suite

So, if you’re investigating cloud services you’ve probably heard of G-suite, but perhaps you aren’t sure exactly what it does. Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

G-Suite is a Google cloud computing product designed to give users access to a range of office tools, such as email, word processing, and calendars, wherever and whenever they need them.

It’s often the choice of young, tech savvy companies for its usability, affordability, sharing tools, and security. So, why should your business consider using it?

1. Easy to use

G-suite is built for the user first. By that we mean every application works just how you would expect it to. Seamless, intuitive functionality that means it’ll take you a matter of hours to get used to all the moving pieces.

This is big difference to their key competitor, Microsoft, who pack their office products with functionality most of us never use. You could say Google have pretty much streamlined all of Microsoft’s office products and made them easier to use.

In other good news, these days most people are familiar with Google applications, particularly Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets and Calendar, so anyone you are hiring or working with won’t need training or support to get used to using the products.

2. Good for collaboration

Because G-suite lives in the cloud, sharing and collaborating on files, videos, images has never been easier. You can pretty much ditch your USB drives.

Instead of sending endless versions of files between computers or saving them in group destination folders, users can work simultaneously on the same file and actually see changes in real time.

And, it’s not just internal staff who’ll benefit. You’re clients and external service providers will love the efficiency with which they can edit, comment and accept work. You can say goodbye to folders full of frustratingly titled revisions from multiple stakeholders.

3. Goes where your employees go

It’s the dream isn’t it? Globe trot around the world and only work when you have to. Well, it could be a reality with G-suite.

If you have an internet connection and your password, you can access G-suite. The only other thing you need is a laptop, tablet, phone, or even an internet cafe.

And, it’s great for employees too. They could be working off-site and unsure how to solve a problem. All they need to do is pull out their phone, check a document for the information they need to solve the problem efficiently.

4. Affordable

At this point you are probably thinking, this is all good and all… But, how much is all this going to cost me?

The truth is, it’s a big money saver. Google is responsible for all maintenance and upgrades to both the hardware and software required to make G-Suite work. So, if you’re running an expensive server, you can ditch it and you’ll already have saved a load of money because you won’t need to dedicate space or employee hours to a physical server room.

You’ll save money on the efficiencies the system provides too. Think about the ease of collaboration, the 24/7 access and usability of the G-Suite applications.

To talk real costs, G-suite is offered at various tiers and versions. Professional office and business versions range between $5 and $10 per user/month .

5. Secure

Security is a big deal for all businesses. Lost data equals lost time, money and sanity. The good news with G-Suite is that the files are stored in the cloud and therefore you won’t have to worry about power surges, or failing hardware deleting your data.

Your data will be protected and can be backed up in the cloud automatically.

Another benefit is that if your company supplies employees with Android phones, then they’ll be protected by Google’s security and administration tools. So if a device is lost or stolen, it can be reset or blocked to prevent any unwanted users accessing your company’s data.

If you want more clarity on whether G-Suite would work for you, ask us for a free IT audit and we’ll give you some expert advice.

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